To provide exceptional learning opportunities to help individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities live full and active lives.

Our Vision

The vision of SA Life Academy is that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities may live meaningful, and purposeful lives in the community.

Letter From Our Executive Director

Having a child with a disability changes the direction of how you do life. As parents of an adult son with an intellectual and developmental disability, my husband and I want the same quality of life and opportunities for our son, Drew, as we want for our two other grown children. It just looks different.  Once the individuals age out of the public school system at 22 years old, the options in San Antonio are limited. All of us need a life that continues to stimulate us academically, creatively, physically, socially, and have a group of friends to Do Life Together.

To address the need, we founded SA Life Academy, a day program that provides exceptional continuing learning opportunities aimed at helping individuals with IDD live full and active lives in a safe environment. SA Life Academy differentiates itself from existing programs by providing quality curriculum and having certified special education teachers and experienced staff.

SA Life Academy and the community can partner in transforming the lives of individuals with IDD. Helping us REACH for the Stars, allows the adults to have a place to do life with others, but also their families will have peace of mind. Thank you for your interest in SA Life Academy and we hope you will give today.

Cindy Boynton
Executive Director and Mom

Executive Director Cindy Boynton and her son, Drew

Executive Director Cindy Boynton and her son, Drew